Thames Energy Ltd Environmental Policy

At Thames Energy Ltd we are concerned about the quality of both the natural and built environment and make every effort to ensure that we look at all aspects of our operations to control pollution for a more sustainable future. The following have been incorporated into our procedures for continuous improvement to meet the ISO 14001 standard: 

  • Implement a set of objectives with targets to reduce those aspects which have a significant effect on the environment to include energy, raw materials, and waste.
  • Staff training on ongoing improvements in operations for the further implementation of environmental measures
  • Work with relevant suppliers, contractors, and other external stakeholders for the promotion of sustainability
  • Use standards in legislation to match all aspects of operations to meet both environmental and health and safety requirements
  • Continuous auditing and monitoring of all aspects of operations for ongoing improvements to meet organisational change

The Directors have the overall and final responsibility for this environmental policy and the environmental officer is responsible for its implementation throughout the organisation. A copy is publicly displayed on the staff notice board and each staff member takes responsibility for their own work area. The policy is reviewed quarterly at Directors meetings and any updates cascaded throughout the company.

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