Case Study: Langdon Hills District Heating

How Thames Energy is helping to rejuvenate a district heating system to reduce running costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions


St Georges Community Housing and Basildon District Council.


  • To increase the efficiency of the district heating system and to secure an affordable and reliable heating and hot water service to the 556 dwellings on the estate.
  • To resource a service provider to undertake and finance a turnkey refurbishment of DH system and provide ongoing operations, maintenance and billing management services under an initial 10 year agreement.


The existing facilities were more then 30 years old, had become unreliable and with a thermal efficiency of only 55% led to high cost of fuel and unmanageable levels of resident and owner occupier complaints. A heating options appraisal conducted by Thames Energy, in 1998 concluded that with the integration of CHP into a refurbished DH system, the average Energy Ratings for the houses improved from 35 to 75 thus leading to lower cost, due to the net income from sale of CHP electricity.


After extensive resident consultation, Basildon District Council members granted approval for the scheme implementation in March 1999. Thames Energy Ltd was appointed as the private sector partner and an energy supply and management agreement was signed with the Council in August 1999 for an initial term of 10 years. The design stage commenced in November 1999 and validated by Messrs G K Salter & Associates, Consulting Engineers, acting for the housing authority. Works on site commenced in Jan 2000 and was phased through to ensure minimum disruption to the residents. The project became fully operational in October 2000. The scheme capital costs of £ 1.2M were co-financed with an allocation of 30% by the Local Authority and 70% funded by Thames Energy’s Parent Company, London Energy Supplies and Services Ltd.


  • 20% reduction in heating bills for residents
  • Demonstration of a successful private/public energy services partnership
  • Plant and equipment Replacement Guarantee
  • Enhanced asset value and life expectancy
  • Improved system reliability and security
  • Annual CO2 reductions of 524 tonnes

Solutions Delivered:

  • Full boiler house plant upgrading and new control system
  • Replacement District Heating pipework
  • Heat Metering of dwellings
  • Gas-fired Combined Heat and Power (CHP) Plant


The project is a successful example of a renovation of legacy systems combining extensive heating mains pipe work upgrades, a new boiler plant, internal dwelling system upgrades including pre payment heat meters and integration of CHP system.

Further additions such as thermal stores and solar technology, has the potential to secure a source of even cheaper energy whilst achieving EU environmental standards. Accredited Contractor

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