Energy System Maintenance

Whether it’s ongoing planned preventative maintenance or simply responding to an emergency, you can rely on us to react quickly and fix your energy system effectively.

Thames Energy has its own multi-skilled maintenance team that can provide a comprehensive and responsive maintenance management service for all building engineering services.

Planned and unplanned maintenance is a big headache for any business or household, we can provide a variety of maintenance services to cover plant and controls, including a 24-hour call out service. All of our service engineers are fully equipped and available to respond to emergency calls quickly

Why use Thames Energy for your operations and maintenance management:

  • Wide expertise and industry knowledge
    We offer maintenance cover on all central boiler plants, combined heating and power units, wet and dry heating systems, individual and central ventilation plants, air conditioning units, refrigeration, lighting, electrical, plumbing and gas services, kitchen and laboratory equipment.
  • Peace of mind
    A properly maintained system will greatly reduce the probability of unexpected breakdowns. Sudden breakdowns often occur at the most inconvenient times causing disruption, loss of revenue and putting strain on often over stretched budgets. Don’t leave it to chance, frequent maintenance will save you in the long term.
  • Maximum Output
    A properly maintained system will ensure that the relevant plant and equipment functions as is intended, giving the end user the required conditions and efficiency.
  • Financial rewards
    A properly maintained system will ensure that the relevant plant and equipment functions at maximum efficiency. This will reduce fuel consumption, increasing the life expectancy of the plant and greatly reducing the risk of damage to expensive major components.

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