Energy Management Services

Thames Energy offers its clients a proactive approach to energy management with a view to reducing carbon emissions and lowering energy bills.

Backed by more than a quarter of a century's experience in the energy design, construction and management sectors, our team can work seamlessly with its client to improve a site's performance.

Our approach is phased as follows. 

  • Firstly we reduce waste - identifying areas of excess consumption and making the relevant changes, educating end users as part of this approach.
  • Improve efficiency of on-site heat and power generation technologies and how they are integrated into a building's design.
  • Where appropriate, introduce additional energy technologies to further lower emissions and reduce costs.

Energy Monitoring and Targeting

Using computerised monitoring and targeting systems, Thames Energy can track the energy performance of your building, and if required alert management to appropriate cost effective energy solutions.

With the privatisation of electricity, gas and water utilities excellent opportunities exist for greater customising of utility services. These range from purchasing strategies to the use and management of utilities. We can also assist by offering advice on bulk gas purchasing, electricity tariff negotiations and water metering.

Electricity Tariffs can be complicated relating not only to how much is used but also to required supply capacity. Thames Energy can analyse and compare 1MW electricity tariffs and undertake dynamic load profiles to advise on power factor correction and the most advantageous tariff applicable for your particular sites.